Leave all notions of comfy farmhouse knits at the door because Craig Lawrence stormed into town and turned the fashion world on its head!


From the models’ neon orange eye make-up and nails right down to the vertiginous heels they wore, nothing about this show was ordinary. The designers’ pieces clung tight, ruffled up and laddered down in a thunder of dramatic knits and purls that we want to cram into our wardrobe as soon as possible.


 A slash neck dress with ribbing effect tumbled from the waist, looking lighter than air, while a long sleeve cardie was belted, its high-shine gaping stitches belying its weight. Lawrence’s deliciously dishevelled signature style shone through, with thumb holes on jumpers and shreddings on leggings; gossamer thin panels or loosely knitted holes gave even the chunkiest pieces that feminine delicacy that’s made this designer one of the style set’s favourites.


Lawrence’s penchant for Kyototex yarns – the metallic-wrapped strings that he designs with – was evidenced in a palette of deepest black and inky midnight blue and in pieces as disparate as a heavily structured jacket, bandeau party pieces, a barely-there dress and even a cascading veil. Texture was key, patterns were bold, and we left in utter bewilderment at what one man can do with a ball of wool!