If you're over in New York, be sure to head over to the Danziger Projects gallery to take a look at Andy Warhol's seminal Polaroid pictures. They may be small and taken with a Polaroid Big Shot – a basic camera created for practical purposes – but they serve as vivid portraits.

As a founding member of the 1960s pop art movement, Warhol became renowned for his depiction of everyday, recognisable objects and familiar faces. Dazzled by celebrity, the exhibition looks at over thirty Polaroids taken by Warhol on his favourite camera while doing sittings for his world-famous silkscreen canvases.


Taken between 1970 and 1986, with his subjects ranging from Debbie Harry to Yves St. Laurent and Giorgio Armani to Yoko Ono Warhol, this is an exhibition not to be missed.


Warhol would take several packs of film at each sitting, and then select his favourite image to be silk-screened onto canvas by his assistants. The resulting image became the ground and basis of each painting, proving that the simplest tools are not an impediment to creativity.