Band of Outsiders Boy, and the more recent addition of Girl are always a major highlight of New York Fashion Week. This season, for the first time, Scott Sternberg showed his collections on the catwalk, rather than as a presentation. Although we loved his presentations, this was one brilliant show! Hot boys came hurtling down ropes, mountaineering-style, from cavities in the ceiling onto the catwalk to the delight of the style set – let us tell you, it was difficult to keep your eyes on the endless feat of contemporary American sportswear on show at times!


The look for AW11 was California desert style – think rustic ponchos, beanies and earthy fabrics for guys and girls. It's honestly the type of collection that makes us feel a little down – because we just wish we could take it all home with us! Band of Outsiders, both Boy and Girl, really is American classic sportswear at its best – fine-tuned and subtly reworked for a contemporary audience. The fact the soundtrack was The Doors hypnotic 'The End', and that cookies graced our seats, made this one pretty nice sartorial experience.


We'll be checking back next season for sure – as always, Band of Outsiders was full of preppy-perfect confections that you'd want to wrap up in.