It was with a backdrop of expertly made cocktails, impeccably dressed boys and girls and an atmosphere of excited expectation that the Richard Nicoll show rolled out. 


In a palette of melting caramel, deep azure, warmest apricot, pistachio and punchy coral, Nicoll’s pieces floated down the runway in a cloud of twisted elegance. The designers’ collection may have been inspired by sportswear but, made up in luxe silks and airy chiffons, it had a decidedly decadent 20s feel.


Cocoon shape drawstring jackets with voluminous collars, drop-waists and elasticated hems started the show on a high. Paired with straight-legged silk trousers that were almost touching the floor, or straight midi skirts, it set the luxuriously modern tone.


Simple and elegant were floor-skimming straight leg silk trousers teamed with high-neck, clean-line silk tees. Some featured sporty stripes down the leg, while others had pleats that revealed a tonal sliver of colour.


Shape and fluidity were key as Nicoll reinvigorated timeless pieces. Classically tailored silk trousers in petrol blue moved beautifully as the models’ sashayed down the catwalk – attached to their waist and billowing out behind was a swathe of matching fabric.


Hems rose vertiginously at the front and dropped dangerously at the back – a look we’ll definitely be trying out for ourselves! Teamed with shoes that brought Flapper girls to mind, we couldn’t help but be reminded of emancipation and girls ripping up their skirts.

Evening dresses with beautifully iridescent textures in deepest midnight blue reflected Nicoll’s idea of moths burning bright – a theme that carried through onto his vintage cycling-inspired knits emblazoned with Swarovski embellished Latin names.


This was definitely a show that will be talked about amongst the style set for a long time to come. The expertly mixed palette and fluid, easy-to-wear silhouettes felt extremely refreshing.

And a skech by Marot Bowman to make you smile…