This week we took a journey from modern-day London to nineteenth century Paris, with the help of the good people at Go Opera. Leave all notions of pomp and ceremony at the door – this is urban opera and we are well and truly hooked!


We knew we were in for a treat when we happened upon the beautifully dressed cast of Go Traviata milling about amongst warehouses in deepest Hackney. The interior of one had been set up with industrial-looking wire caging, raw wood block benches and red and white flowers everywhere. We sipped our delicious cocktails as the performance unfolded, and watched as romance, rage, jealousy and passion filled the room. What the Go team take away in terms of grandeur, they make up with talent and theatrics. Their obvious love of the art was evidenced by the incredible show they put on – and by the audience’s reaction at the end. If you’ve always wondered about opera but thought it wasn’t for you, take a trip to their next show – you won’t be disappointed!