One of the lovely visual merchandisers on came in with the most amazing-looking nails today! They were so cool, we had to take a snap and ask her how she did it. Apparently, this can work with anything so expect to see all kinds of nail art soon.


Here's how to create the look:

1) Paint your nails with base coat and then a light colour. If you want something subdued, we think Cyclone could look great, or if you fancy something bright, Bees Knees or Parma Violet would also work.

2) Cut out ten pieces of newspaper big enough to cover each one of your nails.

3) Pour a tiny bit of surgical spirit into an old dish and then dip your fingers in it, one at a time, so that the your whole nail is submerged.

4) Place one of your newspaper cuttings text side down on top of your nail. You may want to use tweezers if you don't have steady hands!

5) Hold it down for a few seconds so the writing transfers onto your nail and then peel it off. And then repeat for every nail!  

5) Add a coat of clear nail varnish to keep it there for longer.

And that's it. So easy! If you have any other nifty ideas, be sure to send them our way!