We really can't get enough of beautiful photography at the moment! The latest snaps to tickle our fancy are bound in a book of Helmut Newton's Polaroid shots. Back in the days where one had to wait for a photograp to develop it must have been tricky for a professional to stage the perfect shot. But by taking a quick Polaroid beforehand Newton could work out if the light, placement and pose and were just right. He saved all of the test Polaroids taken throughout his career, and after his death in 2004 his widow June Newton brought 300 of them together for an exhibition in Berlin earlier this year. The test shots have now been replicated in this beautiful glossy book, where they offer an insight into the creative working processes of one of the greatest photographers of the 20th century. You’ll be able to recognise many of his most iconic shots in between some rare, never-before-seen images. Just what your coffee table has been waiting for!