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If you’re like us and have always loved Corinne Day’s documentary-style photography, then you’ll be touched and equally thrilled to find out that The Gimpel Fils Gallery is paying tribute to her revolutionary work this month with an exhibition. To mark the one-year anniversary of Corinne's death, the gallery are displaying her photographs as they appeared in the now defunct magazine, The Face. Corinne's work first appeared in this 90s magazine which shunned the high-gloss shoulder-padded, lipstick fuelled aesthetic of the era. Most famous are her candid snaps of Kate Moss which will be on show alongside a lot of other raw, equally emotional shots that you may have never seen before. Get down to the gallery between September 1st and October 1st and join the style set in remembering why Corinne was such a groundbreaking, meomorable photographer and woman.

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