Letty Schmiterlow is the photographer that we have our eye on right now! As soon as we came across her snaps on her cooler-than-cool blog, she’d stolen our hearts and we knew we’d have to feature her in the just-launched AW11 edition of our very own magazine, 214.

When she’s not getting down to Snoop Dog or busy blogging, Letty likes nothing better than to turn her lens on her nearest and dearest, hipper-than-hip pals. A thoroughly modern madam, she scoops influences from here, there and everywhere. Prickly plant-life, and basketball are all high on the agend just so you know.

To no-ones’ surprise, she’s caught the eye of magazines like Love and Dazed & Confused. Extremely interested in who she hangs out with, and how she spends her time, for 214, we asked Letty to photograph some of her closest chums. Say hello to Alice, Anna, Louise and Billie, all forces to be reckoned with on the fashion scene. Take note, as well as Letty who's only 20 and a right hoot, this bunch is one-to-watch!


We caught up with Letty to find out more about the girl behind the snaps we know you’re going to love…

Where are you right now?
At home on the sofa – it’s raining so bad today I’m not going to leave the sofa.

Did you always want to be a photographer?
No – it just kind of happened that way. It wasn’t ever really planned, I just gradually started taking more and more pictures of friends and it stuck.

How did you go from having a blog to magazines commissioning you?
It was a natural progression really. There wasn’t a specific moment, but I guess it helped that more attention started being shown to blogs. I think my blog allowed me to develop a style before being asked to start shooting for magazines.

Who is your favourite person to photograph?
Friends mostly because there’s that personal attachment to the pictures – though I love shooting
Anna. She doesn’t try to look good, which I love, and is kind of rare when you’re taking pictures of a model., Anna can skateboard, surf, horse ride, ice skate, is good at science, can drive a tractor… and is a model.

Do you carry your camera with you everywhere?
Yeah, I have a small one I carry around.

Describe your perfect day…
One that lasts a bit longer or when there are good shows back-to-back on TV.

What music are you listening to at the moment?
What’s on the radio or whatever my flatmate is playing on repeat, mostly David Bowie and Lil Wayne.

Who would you most like to photograph?
Snoop Dogg and his family – I wanna make a book about them.

What photographers inspire you?
Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber, David Sims’ early studio shots, Venetia Scott, Karim Sadli. I like photographers’ work that feels clean without feeling cold. Where it doesn’t feel like a photographer taking a picture of a model but a person taking a picture of a person

Do you have a girl crush too now? We thought you would. To follow what Letty is up to, make sure you check out her blog! And if you want to get your hands on a copy of 214, here's how.

Models; Anna Jackson @ Storm; Billie Turnbull @ Select; Alice Goddard; Louise Benson. Styling; Danny Reed.