Louise Gray has fast become one of the style set's favourite shows, and, for SS12, she didn't disappoint. The collection sauntered down the catwalk in a riot of colour and texture, each piece more fun to look at than the last.


Inspired by photos of her friends dancing, and the way the images morphed into blurs of movement and swirls of colour, Gray piled as many fabrics and prints into each garment as possible. There was a shock of red in ruffles, sequins and sheer sleeves; jewel-like violets sitting next to screaming neon orange, and brightly striped shirts under everything, buttoned right up to the chin.


There were candy pinks and azure blues, overwritten with barcode stripes of navy. Heart-shaped cutouts down the front of gossamer-thin tees revealed sparkling bandeaus underneath – the shapes relaxed, the aesthetic outrageous, the vibe unapologetically cool.


Grown-up two-pieces in genteel proportions got the Gray treatment in acid brights tempered with steely blue, while exposed zippers, splashes of gold and embellishment danced their way over everything. A doff of our Topshop cap goes to this incredible show.