Holly Fulton did it again with standout collection of beautiful pieces that we simply can't wait to wear. Late 70s glamour and rich girl fantasy paired together with her signature prints and luxe fabrics that were just made for cocktails on the deck of a yacht.


Geometic patterns and art deco designs sat alongside checkered squares and zebra stripes – a madcap riot and a visual feast. There were cutaway halternecks with fantastically embellished collars, mirrored mosaic hemlines and feather-trimmed skirts. Billowing wide leg trousers, printed all over, were teamed with bandaeu tops in neat proportions. Sunbursts jumped from pretty dresses, sequins shimmered, and the whole thing was played out in a palette of monochrome and hard candy colours – think aqua, warm peach and hot orange. For Holly Fulton, SS12 is a playground of prints and colour!