The opulence of New York’s Plaza Hotel grand ballroom – a space filled to the brim with gilt ornamentation and massive chandeliers – served as the perfect venue for Thakoon’s equally opulent vision for spring. From the gilt ceiling down to the gleaming gold floor and colonial vegetation, the sensory overload reached an all time high as pungent Indian incense burned against a soundtrack which merged cultures – a hint of what was to follow.


Taking East-meets-West to an entirely new extreme, Thakoon’s latest collection combined the magnificence of India and the mythical utopia of Shangri-la with the rugged romanticism of America’s Wild West.


From the very first look we were clearly onto a winner: a turquoise silk jacket with marigold paisley overlay paired with a turquoise mini skirt. Cowboy style hats and point-toe shoes, not unlike ankle-length cowboy boots, were paired with traditional Indian textile prints in mad Wild West inspired cuts, along with gold and paisley detailing consistent throughout. There was even a 50s-era print and metallic full-skirted dress on show, just the thing for a wild desert barn-dance!