Romantic meets disco meets 1950s meets Sci-fi at Rodarte yesterday and all we can say is wow, wow, wow. Derived from the post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh's works, colours were beyond optimistic and gleaming, starting out with gorgeous marigold yellow and gold and transitioning into iridescent aqua, powder blue, silver, midnight blue, lavender and purple. Sequin and bead embellishment also amped up the glamour of the clothing, lit dramatically by powerful overhead lights. As always, Kate and Laura Mulleavy's silhouettes were dreamy and romantic; as at home in a country field beneath a star-filled sky, as at a fancy uptown Manhattan soiree.


Each season sees a new star-studded front row and today reached all new heights of celebrity madness. When Beyonce swanned into the room – the crowd, and their cameras, quite literally went wild. Sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning in matching last season Rodarte outfits looked pretty damn cute too. Looked like they all loved the Disney soundtrack as much as we did…