Everyone knows her as Effy in Skins. Not for much longer. As we found out in our interview for the AW11 edition of our 214 magazine, Kaya Scodelario beat Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan for the most in-demand movie role of the year; the lead in a new film version of ‘Wuthering Heights’. How did she land the role of a lifetime? By not turning up to the audition, she told us when she dropped into Topshop Oxford Circus for an AW11 style update… picking up an on-season faux fur coat and berry-red Moto jeans – since you ask!

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The highlight of my career so far… Was finding out that Wuthering Heights was going to the Venice Film Festival. It’s really magical, exactly how I imagined being an actress when I was little… red carpet, "ashing lights.

I was surprised I got the part in ‘Wuthering Heights’ because I didn’t go to the audition… I had this big thing about coming from Skins. I didn’t want to do period drama. I was terrified, so I switched my phone off and didn’t turn up. I got a phone call the next day, expecting to be shouted at. Instead my agent said, ‘Now the director really wants to meet you.’

I find inspiration in London most of all…  I love fashion in London. I miss it so much living in Manchester. Manchester has a very cool fashion sense. But there’s nowhere like London in the world. You can walk down the street and see 10 completely different looks in one go. And I miss that so much… feeling like I can wear whatever I want.

Right now I’m working on a film with Dakota Fanning… Which is very cool because I’ve watched her grow up on screen. She plays a girl dying of leukaemia and I’m her best friend. We just filmed a week in Brighton… it was amazing, being on the pier at five o’clock in the morning watching the sunrise.

The last thing I tweeted was… ‘Rail fares set to increase by 8% in January NOOOOO! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!’ I’ve spent about £600 in the last two months coming down to London from Manchester where I live with my boyfriend.

Something that people don’t know about me is…  That I grew my armpit hair for three months for Wuthering Heights – and it didn’t even end up in the film!

I haven’t had a wardrobe for three years… I’ve been living out of a suitcase so all my clothes are on the floor.

My style changes a lot… I’ll wear a trackie and trainers one day and a mini skirt the next. I think you should just be able to experiment. I’m very laid back about it. I wear my boyfriend’s clothes a lot.

I rebel against the weather… I carry on wearing summer clothes until November. I think that’s because I’m half-Brazilian.

I sometimes wear my pyjamas to work… If you’re picking me up before 6am I’m wearing pyjamas.

The most fun I’ve ever had on a film set was ‘Skins’…. Definitely. It was my university. I honestly don’t class it as work. We were all friends, having fun constantly. We made the absolute most of being in Bristol. We had a really really amazing time. I’d do anything to go back to that.

I don’t like having grown-up in the limelight… There are certain places you don’t go because you know you’re going to get hassled. But that’s fine, I’d much rather sit on Hampstead Heath with friends, talking and chilling out.

The person who has influenced me most… is my mum. She’s just a dude. She brought me up on her own. She came to this country from Brazil without speaking a word of the language and taught herself. She’s worked every single day. She’s just a really inspirational woman.

I haven’t read the book ‘Wuthering Heights’… Andrea the director the told me she didn’t want me to. So I didn’t and I haven’t since. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll read it one day.

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