Stack is our new favourite way to get hold of beautiful and interesting independent magazines. Their subscription service means a different, totally random, magazine arrives on our doorstep each month, and the best part is that you have no idea what you're going to get.


The Stack team delve through all the wonderful and quirky independent publications available and pick a selection of the best for their readers. This means your next zine could be about anything, from photography, illustration and graphic design to fashion, music or opinion. Stack was born out of a genuine love for magazines and they choose the kind of underground and unique publications that you would otherwise probably never have found.


Recent magazines Stack have sent out include one of our favourite fashion publications, Pigeons and Peacocks, which is created once yearly in association with the students at the London College of Fashion, and includes the most stunning fashion shoots and absolutely no advertising. Other magazines we love include contemporary music bible ‘Sup, and Snap, whose latest issue features only articles beginning with the letters DD (David Duchovny, dunking donuts etc.). 


The ethos behind Stack is to bring together a community to love these amazing magazines and they also hold events where people can come along and listen to talks from the creators, while browsing through the whole Stack library. Their next event is on November 3rd at The Book Club in East London. We’ll see you there!