If you happen to be in New York this winter, you should definitely check out the Carsten Höller Experience exhibition at the New Museum until January 15th. The German born artist has created a series of works that blur the boundaries between play and art, most notably by installing a huge slide right in the middle of the exhibition space.


Anyone who remembers the massive slides Höller installed in London's Tate Modern will know that this is not your ordinary art exhibition. Höller's art is not made to be observed, it only really comes alive when people are interacting with it. As you ride the enormous slide around the building, you get flashes of the other works through the glass panels on the way down, making this possibly the most fun way to catch an exhibition ever.


Other highlights include a massive mirrored carousel, an aquarium that you can stick your head into to see the fish, and the ominously named Giant Psycho Tank, which is a sensory deprivation pool. Each is designed to install particular feelings in the viewer. Take the lobby which has been transformed into an Alice in Wonderland inspired garden full of giant mushrooms as well as the brightly coloured alligators dotted around the building.



All these weird and wonderful installations will make you feel like you're in a strange dream world and we love that Höller's work is so interactive. Apparently Miuccia Prada has one of the slides in her office, which is making us daydream about having one in Topshop HQ. That would be one seriously fun way to get around the office.