It was love at first sight when we came across these pictures of amazing sequin graffiti in Reykjavik, Iceland. They are the work of Danish artist Theresa Himmer, who lived in Iceland between 2005 and 2009 and made the installations as a critique of the damage being done to the environment over there.


The installations represent the Icelandic countryside, for example, the red and orange dripping down a wall is lava, while the silver capped building is a snowy mountain. Despite brightening up their environment, these shimmery designs are more than just a visual treat. The very fact that they are made of artificial materials is a reminder that the natural world is being destroyed in the never-ending quest for natural resources.


Theresa purposely chose to put her gorgeous designs in run-down urban areas, making them pop-out even more against their dull backdrops. We love the idea of bringing some sparkle to the streets and making people aware of the damage being done to the environment at the same time. You?