Found bed bugs? Been dumped? Lost your cat? Well don’t worry as help is at hand with these adorable Bummer Baskets. Each one is filled with wonderful goodies to brighten up even the worst day!USE-1

The baskets are the brain-child of New Yorker Scott Laborsky, who came up with the idea while hiding under his kitchen table after finding a second infestation of bed bugs in his Brooklyn apartment. He realised that the many stresses of city life needed more than flowers and chocolate to cheer him and his friends up and we couldn't agree more!


Each basket is full of treats to match a range of bad days, from the mini Bummer for a quick pick me up, to break up and unemployment Bummers for life's bigger disasters. The cute and kitsch gifts inside include a bar of emergency chocolate, retro candy cigarettes, temporary tattoos and Bummer Brownies. The unemployment basket has a hundred dollar bill herb growing kit to help those feeling the financial pinch, while the break-up basket has a 'no more nightmares' sleep mask and 'eat out of the carton' chopsticks for those much needed post break up take aways.


We love these baskets so much we're oddly looking forward to having a bad day just so we have an excuse to order one.