If you like the quote, "The best meals in life are about who you share them with" then you're going to love the idea behind The Longtable. You see, this outdoor pop-up food market which is set to open up in Abbot carpark in East London's Dalston this Friday night is as much about amazing street food, as it is about who you find yourself drooling over it with.

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Amongst the live music and outdoor fires, there's going to be one long table where you'll be able to enjoy signature dishes, alog with a load of other foodies, from the amazing chefs behind The Yum Buns, Hawksmoor, Moro and Big Apple Hot Dogs. So if you're like us and love the sound of this then make sure you check The Longtable out quick – it'll be open every Friday night, 6pm – 1am from the 25th November until the 23rd December! We can't wait to pop on all our winter warmers and join in the foodie fun…

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We just hope the people we sit next to won't mind too much if we ask for a bite of whatever their having. As you know if you follow us on Twitter, we tend to be indecisve when it comes to food you see!

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