Here at Topshop we love finding out about the coolest new bands before anyone else so we were very excited when we heard about the French/Finnish experimental pop duo, The Dø.


Made up of vocalist Olivia Bouyssou Merilahti and composer Dan Levy, The Dø are already huge in France, where they released their debut album, The Mouthful, back in 2007. Their sound is somewhere between Bjork and MIA, with some Finnish Choral music thrown in for good measure!


Olivia and Dan met while recording the music for French movie Empire of the Wolves and went on to make music for ballet and theatre before knuckling down to produce an album, which may explain the abundance of influences and genres in their songs. A quick listen through their back catalogue will take you from bluesy guitar tracks, to melodic Finnish folk songs by way of rap, rhymes and psychedelic tribal beats.


Both Ways Open Jaws, their new album is released in the November and looks set to finally get them the international attention they deserve. Dan’s skills at composing are evident in the sheer number of instruments crammed into each track. Whereas most Indie bands are happy to settle for three or four, The Dø experiment with countless instruments as well as with samples, glitch beats and synthesizers, all set off by Olivia’s stunning, almost childlike voice.

The Dø are playing a special show at the Hoxton Bar and Kitchen, November 23 and are definitely worth checking out. See you there!