There must be an antipodean revolution afoot – everywhere it seems, down-under movers-and-shakers are showing fashion a thing-or-two about how it’s done Australian style. And we’re loving it – so much that we’re opening our first Topshop flagship store in Melbourne on the 8th! Excited? So are we! Make sure you head to 500 Chapel Street from 10am for our super stylish opening. And to keep in the loop with all the latest Topshop news, start following our first Australian store on Twitter and Faccebook if you're not already.

To join in the celebrations on our blog, we caught up with our favourite Aussie creative dream-makers working their fashion magic around the world.


Cara Stricker, Photographer & Filmmaker

“I love photography because I can create a little world and live within it. Daydreaming is extremely productive. With film, I like to create a superreal environment in a controlled atmosphere, taking a very simple concept and exploring it to the fullest. With my photographs though, instead of being introspective and controlled I explore everything that is the subject infront of me. I love shooting on 35mm film, unchanging and unpredictable, it catches a moment in time and forces you to surrender to your subject. It’s like finding your way through the desert.”

Candice Lake, Street-Style Photographer

“What I find most exciting is the adventure of street-style photography… You never know who you will meet, what amazing moments you will capture or interesting places you might discover. I love seeing how people translate fashion trends and make them unique – and it’s wonderful that street-style has been so embraced by magazines and fashion brands. I tend to photograph people that grab my attention, my current obsession is shooting girls with colourful dip-dyed hair. Being Australian has really shaped who I am and how I work. I figure if I am going to stay away from those beaches, perfect weather and seafood I better work extremely hard to make it worth it. So many Australians travel, and the more you travel the more you respect how lucky you are to be from paradise, I had to travel the whole world before I realised this! My style is classic with an eccentric twist. I love traditional cuts and shapes, but I always mix them with loud pop colour, a big hat or a colourful bag At the moment I am having a love affair with all things yellow! This summer I’ll be rockingwide brimmed hats, lots of colour mixed with a lot of white, bright floral prints – and lots of summer dresses!”


Elkie Kramer, Jewellery & Accessories Designer

“My designs are bold, eclectic, audacious and fun – they’re for a girl who feels most comfortable making a statement! What I love most about designing jewellery, as well as accessories and leather-goods, is constantly experimenting with new and interesting materials and techniques – I also love going to work every day in the vibrant studio space I share with a great bunch of amazing artists and designers. I love the way Australia has a strong sense of community and I am part of an industry that often feels like a family. There is a laid-back attitude here and quality of life is truly valued just as much your work ethic. I love the way that summer creeps in and everyone begins to prioritise getting off work early and setting to the ocean or to a park or lighting up a BBQ. My personal style is very eclectic and ‘maximalist’ with an Art Deco bend – I get into anything that references the 1920s era. I love dressing up and combining items that tell a story, or create a character – I also love to clash on purpose! Nothing is more satisfying than combining prints and pieces from a cacophony of eras and cultures – which is the look I’ll be going for this summer… And jumpsuits all the way!

Nicole Glavan, Founder of Under the Wing PR

“I am so lucky to work with fashion brands I truly love, so my job never really feels like work – I’d happily sing their praises all day! I started Under the Wing three years ago – and looking back I’m really glad I went in with so much youthful naivety, that first year was really tumultuous and exciting, but I wouldn’t do it any differently. It’s developed so much and we now represent a great stable of labels from Australia and beyond including Antipodium, Carly Hunter, Dress Up, NOM*d, Tina Kalivas, Lonely Hearts, Deadly Ponies, and more! I love the irreverence, the unexpected and the laid-back nonchalance that is Australian fashion. I feel Australian girls dress with a lot of ease, there is a cool confidence in the designs from Australian designers – sense of humour plays a big role too, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. I love to wear things that feel different and fresh – clothing that is classic, but never boring. I love wearing print and texture – but in my own way, which is quite boyish and casual. I always find I’m trying to dress things down rather than the other way! For summer I’ll be wearing a lot of white, grey, orange, forest green and navy – I’m really into neutrals mixed with deep earthy colours.”