Here at Topshop, we’ve had the radio on non-stop this week and have decided to put together our very own list of alternative number ones. These seriously cool girls and boys are making the kind of tracks that we think deserve to be played all holiday long.


If you like your Christmas number one to be festive, our first, holiday-perfect pick is a deliciously sweet seasonal tune by kooky duo She & Him. Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward have come up with a whole album of vintage sounding Christmas songs, from which ‘Christmas Day’ is being released as a single. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Carpenters, The Beach Boys and Elvis Presley, the songs are striped back to just vocals and acoustic guitar to capture the old school magic of Christmas. It reminds us of 50s America and we’re having visions of spending Christmas drinking egg nog in a cute prom dress and sporting a fabulously retro hair-do.

Picture 18
Next up, we’re loving the way gospel singing is laid over drum rhythms in EJ’s debut single ‘Mama I’m Guna Sing’. Raised by her Barbadian mother, the London based singer, whose real name is Edwina Johnson, grew up in Sweden, where she was surrounded by an eclectic mix of different cultures. This may explain the multitude of influences in her debut track ‘Mama, I’m Guna Sing’, which is beautifully soulful with an urban edge. Her semi-accepella voice is fused with simple percussion on this wonderfully under produced track, which perfectly shows off the voice of someone who is set to be a rising star in 2012. Apparently her next single is a huge urban pop track and has met with an excited response from the online music community. We can’t wait to see more of EJ.

My Tiger My Timing

And last but not least, why wait to be picked up by a record label when you could just start your own? That’s the reasoning of band My Tiger My Timing who are releasing their debut album through their own label, Snakes & Ladders. ‘Written In Red’ is the band’s fourth single and is full of catchy hooks, dancehall beats and electronic melodies. Based in South East London, their unique blending of dark pop, punk and electro has clearly been influenced by the musical scene there. After catching them on the John Peel stage at this year’s Glastonbury, we were quickly mesmerised and think they definitely deserve a place on our list.

With these and loads more amazing new acts coming through over the next few months, 2012 is set to be a great year for music. What do you guys think of our picks? Let us know if you think we’ve missed someone out!