Last spring, we worked with up-and-coming filmmaker Tyrone Lebon on our trends film. Huge admirers of his raw and intimate aesthetic, as soon as we heard about the release of his first photography anthology Nothing Lasts Forever, we knew we had to get ourselves a copy.

Capturing shots of people he was drawn to for unexplainable reasons, as well as friends and loved ones at his Brixton studio, his non-invasive style allows the true character of his subjects to shine. Tyrone’s style captures highly individual, almost awkward moments, giving the onlooker the impression that they are sharing an intimate moment with the subject themselves.

What we love about portraits is that they capture a frozen moment in time and Tyrone captures  these beautifully. The son of acclaimed i-D cover photographer Mark Lebon, Tyrone grew up in the studio, around all kinds of people, maybe explaining why he’s always got his eyes wide open, ready to take his next shot.