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You know when there are a few films on your must-see list that for one reason or another, you just never got around to watching? Well for the girls at Inside-Out, that’s the Yves Saint Laurent documentary L’amour Fou and Bill Cunningham; New York. As both had rave reviews and are a must-see for any girl who claims to love fashion, we decided to get together for what has now been named Topshop film club! Being a Topshop get-together, PJs, pizza and popcorn were not optional. Just looking at the posters has made us excited! If you've seen either films, let us know what you thought, and if you've not, pop them at the top of your films to see list.  

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For those of you who don't live in the US, Bill Cunningham; New York is out in UK cinemas on March 16th. Take a look where it's showing and plan a girls night out.