Backstage before the Louise Gray show was like a scene from cult 80’s New Wave film Liquid Sky. Make up was a kaleidoscopic fantasy of lurid purples, hot pinks and aqua blues, carefully blended onto models’ eyes and cheekbones in graphic shapes. The make up team was led by Neil Young and was inspired by the London club scene, and the fun and florid colours were perfectly matched by Luke Hersheson’s outlandish hair.


Punk mohawks with dip dyed ends fanned out from the crowns of models’ heads, giving an almost tribal effect. It was inspired by Zillah Minx of punk band Rubella Ballet and by a general mood of fun. Maybe that’s why all the models seemed to be having such a good time – there were peals of laughter as everyone got dressed and a real festive feeling in the air. We hope it continues throughout the week – two days down and three more yet to go!