Sometimes it's cool to be running a little late – and at Craig Lawrence today all it did was heighten our anticipation. The designer has been taking knitwear to new levels of incredible every season and this time around our minds were still completely blown!


Think shoelace knits played out over cardigans, patterns inspired by British bus seats and twin sets that felt anything but twee. Lawrence has a way with wool that twists it into new forms and manipulates it into pieces from our wildest dreams. Sleek pencil skirts hugged hips and snuglesome snoods framed models' faces. 


There was a feeling of muted luxury that we've noted all over London Fashion Week; a hint of sparkle on burnished bronze, a bold print formulated in earthy tones. Flashes of neon popped under cropped tops and texture was key – a see-through panel here, an opaque stripe there. Criag Lawrence took the best of British and made it his own. A perfect piece of fashion craftwork.