It was to a haunting melody that the J.JS Lee show started. Inspired by 'the innocence and purity of clouds' her collection was a journey into sleek minimalism with a nod to spaceship dressing from 70s sci-fi.


In varying whiter shades of pale, clean lines came. Jacket dresses, long-line tunics and T-shirt shapes took centre stage, with wrist-skimming cuffs and midi lengths the order of the day. Her pieces were cut straight – dresses overflowed at their hip-hugging waistlines to appear as a skirt and top, and almost-pencil skirts seemed to sit away from the body. A sense of weightlessness alluded to the designers' sky-bound inspiration.


Subtle texture streamed down the arms of long sleeved dresses and skirted around hems. The introduction of lemon posset tones halfway through had us hungry for more! Bib front layering and back-weighted fisherman knits gave the collection a laid-back, covered up vibe, which made the occasional exposed shoulder a feast for the eyes. This was about simplicity, not ostentation, and the devil was in the multi-collared, perfectly put-together detail. We left J.JS Lee feeling fresh and excited for AW12.