We're sure you'll agree that there's nothing quite as English – and we mean that in the capital "E" Wills-and-Kate kind of way – as a good set of tea China. For AW12, Preen took the aesthetic of our national beverage and shattered it with a satisfactory "Gotcha!" at their Milk Studios based show. 


Patterns of roses and butterflies seemingly stolen from a teapot found in Notting Hill were delicately printed on creamy silk backgrounds – but then they were twisted into origami folds, sliced through with jet black panels, paired with hot pink matte skirts and jackets, or hemmed within two inches of a scandal. 


There were also butterflies and strawberry vines dotting many of the slim-cut cocktail dresses, and the pattern was so pretty, they're on our wishlist for next season. We'd love to see those hyper-British grandma prints on a pair of cropped skinnies and love that Justin and Thea took a slice of England to New York this season.