Topshop head of design Emma Farrow

Head of Design Emma Farrow always cuts a dash as she walks through the offices at Topshop HQ. Tall and willowy, she’s always wearing something incredible that all the girls try to catch a glimpse of as she strides through – whether it’s a long breezy shirt with unusual backless cut-outs or wide-legged pants, she always works a look with total confidence.

ELLE has obviously picked up on this, because they recently interviewed our super stylish designer about her style for their My Style section of their website, in which they focus on people in the industry who have amazing style. Olivia Palermo and Lulu Kennedy have been previous participants, so Emma’s in good company!

In the interview, we learn what Emma once did for two pairs of Prada shoes (kids, don’t try this at home!), what wardrobe essential she can’t live without, and the curious item that she collects. Watch the video made at our AW12 Unique show to see the last collection Emma headed up.