We’re really excited about our Emerge collections which are set to land a bit later in the season! Our talented crop of street wear designers have stepped things up for spring with some irresistible collections that we’re just dying to integrate into our wardrobes. We shot the clothes on the gorgeous Russian model Svetlana, who really got into the shoot by dishing out a whole lot of tough-girl attitude to go with the collections.


First up we had Makim Ja Ma, our favourite film fantasist, who designs each collection to match a film character of his own invention. We had a lot of fun styling up the cool urban separates to reflect his imagined character Dee Snow – and Svetlana looked amazing in one particular shorts and shirt combo that we can’t wait to land! 


Our second label Marios is designed by Leszek Chmielewski and Marios Loizou and we really fell for the dreamy colour palette and light-as-air fabrics in this collection. The washed out hues will compliment perfectly the flashes of neon that we’ve already started adding to our spring wardrobes.


This was just a peek – you’ll have to wait until our Emerge collections land at the start of April to make them yours, and to see our stripe-spangled third designer collection from Starstyling. Start clearing a place in your wardrobes now as our home for young, innovative labels has a dedicated space in our London flagship store in Oxford Circus as well as on Topshop.com. We're all about supporting the very best that the fashion industry has to offer so couldn't resist the opportunity to team up with this talented bunch.