Twinsets at the ready… Mad Men Season 5 is about to hit our screens and we’ve been counting down the days!


It’s been off our screens since 2010, and it’s been a long seventeen months! How we’ve missed the icy glares, silent power plays and bouffant hairdos, not knowing where else to go for our regular fix of retro style candy. But now we can look forward to reminding ourselves why we started wearing pencil skirts again, as the show returns on Sky Atlantic tomorrow night! And what will we be looking for? Well, apart from checking out Don Draper we’ll be keeping a keen eye on new girl Megan, the pretty brunette who beguiled Don at the end of the last series.


We found this picture of her from last season, and it made us excited to see what she’ll be wearing in the new series. The perfect clotheshorse, she might even take up the reigns where Betty Draper once ruled. Here she’s perfectly on point for SS12 wearing mint green with a pretty perfect apricot manicure.

Given that our store is full to brimming with ice cream hues, structured bags, pencil skirts and pretty little suits, we can’t wait to be inspired by the small screen’s chicest girls. Now, where did we put those cat-eye sunglasses…?