In our just launched summer magazine, we catch up with Teen Vogue’s beauty director Eva Chen (has she got the jammiest job ever?) to talk beauty trends that should be hitting your make-up bag this season. We’re completely obsessed with checking out what Eva’s doing – especially with her nails on Whatever Eva Wants as well as keeping up-to-date with her latest make-up obsessions on Twitter.


What was your favourite make-up on the catwalk this season?

I loved the matte red lips at Jason Wu. Beautiful bold red lips are a great timeless look. And I always love a hot pink lip –Topshop has some great hot pinks for Spring/Summer.

Girls seem to be getting really into their lipstick at the moment.

Lipstick is back in a huge huge way. Speaking from a beauty editor’s point of view, I think formulas have just improved so much – it used to be that with brightly pigmented lipsticks you more. And on the red carpet there has been a movement away from that super-tanned faux glow look. Girls don’t want to look like a disco ball – they want to look like Rooney Mara.

What about nails?

Teen Vogue readers are going crazy for nails. We have girls building entire nail wardrobes. So they’re changing their polish every two to three days depending on their mood – or even every day and really playing with nail art as well. It’s not enough to have hot pink nails – they want have a little heart drawn on. I think we like how disposable they are. At the end of the day, if you do one nail and you hate the colour and it doesn’t work, you just wipe it off.

How did you become a beauty editor?

I always loved make-up growing up – I could spend fours hours testing products in a store. But I never thought of it as a career option, so I studied for three years to be a doctor. Then one summer I interned in the beauty department at Harper’s Bazaar and the beauty closet and said I could take whatever products I wanted to test. I had a completely had a freak-down – in a good way. I just fell in love!

What’s your top beauty tip?

I’m a skin-care addict. I feel like if you can work on your skin, you don’t have to wear so much make-up, which is a real luxury.

Who do you find inspiring beauty-wise?

Right now, I’m completely obsessed with Rooney Mara and Emma Stone. I love fresh and chic beauty. I love that they always do something cool on the red carpet.

Looking ahead, what beauty trends can we expect in the next six months?

Holographic overlays and glitter. I’m continuing to love how popular lip stains are – it’s a great way to play with colour without being too daring. But mostly, I love the trend for individual beauty. For so long beauty has been about tanned or thick straight hair like Gywneth Paltrow's. Now we’re moving away from all that. It’s about celebrating what looks good on you – what works for you. And I think that’s so much more beautiful.

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