Sometimes there’s nothing we love more than a Friday night curled up on the couch with our favourite old movie, and tonight we’re excited to watch one of our all-time favourites, True Romance. Not for the white-knuckle shooting scenes or the amazing soundtrack, or Quentin Tarantino’s brilliant script or Christian Slater’s unbelievable coolness. No, for us it is ALL ABOUT Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman, with her meltingly soft southern accent and her bright n’ brash wardrobe. Now that the sun is finally starting to shine we’re feeling inspired by her colour palette of aqua blues and cherry reds, with a bold bit of animal print and bubblegum pink thrown in for good measure.


Alabama is the perfect getaway girl with her peroxide blonde shaggy hair, cowboy boots and off-the-shoulder blouses. But what we love best of all is those retro mirrored shades – she even keeps them on during the shoot-out!


Hopefully the sun will oblige us this weekend and you’ll see us cruising down the freeway in a blaze of bright colours with a perfectly painted on red pout and a handsome getaway guy by our side. What can we say, we’re hopeless romantics!