Kathleen Hanna is a punk rock feminist icon – and one of our major heroines here at Topshop. She was a prominent figure in the 90s as the incredible frontwoman for Bikini Kill – a band that paved the way for the Riot Grrrl movement – which helped to bring women to the forefront of the music scene. They collaborated with Nirvana and Joan Jett, then she went on to be part of electroclash band Le Tigre (their hit song Deceptacon still gets played every weekend at indie discos across the land.)


Now, Kathleen is no rock n' roll princess. She might be a musician, but she is so much more than that; she's an artist, public speaker, protester and a promoter of women's rights. She's never been afraid to speak up and speak out and we've got huge respect for anyone who encourages others – especially girls – to express what they feel through bring creative.


(Still amazing in 2012 – Kathleen in a recent fashion editorial for XOJane)

She's always worn clothes that represent what she is passionate about, and experimented with style. Kathleen said that when she was growing up, she "was really obsessed with clothes…one day I would be New Wave and the next Goth. I'd just try on new styles all the time. I think it came from changing schools a lot. I knew how to change my hair and dress to fit in, and once I saw how ridiculous it all was it freed me up to experiment more."

We are feeling really inspired by Kathleen, her personality and iconic style so just wanted to make sure that you knew why Kathleen Hanna rocks our world!



Kathleen's legacy continues; she bequeathed an iconic 'feminist' sweater to fashion blogger Tavi, as well as some of her zines from the 90s. Here come the next generation of Riot Grrrls…we hope!