The lights are twinkling, the band is playing a slushy song and people are nervously starting to slow dance with their high school sweethearts – is there anything better than a great prom scene to finish a movie? Not that we need much of an excuse, but due to the Prom Queen Dreams which have taken over Topshop.com, we’ve been getting nostalgic for our favourite prom movie moments. The ideal combination for one of these scenes is an iconic/amazing/dreadful prom dress, a great song and a healthy dose of heartbreaking romance.

So what made the Topshop shortlist? Pretty in Pink is right up there: this classic 80s movie (above) features Andie, the school misfit, arriving solo at the prom in a supercool pink dress that she made herself. Her yuppie date Blane might have let her down, but her quirky best friend Duckie is there to save the day.

Let’s talk about Mean Girls – perhaps Lindsay Lohan’s finest hour – when Cady Heron shows up at prom in her Mathletes varsity jacket, in an attempt to reunite the cliques at her school (we particularly love uber Mean Girl Regina George’s flower-decorated back brace and Janis’ tuxedo-as-prom-outfit.)


Of course, Grease – everybody hand jive! Sandy’s primrose prom dress is the stuff of dreams.


Finally, who could forget Drew Barrymore as the unfortunate, loveable Josie Grossie in Never Been Kissed? Her metallic pink 80s ‘creation’ was out of this world.


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