We are always spotting amazing exhibition posters as we journey home from Topshop HQ on the Tube, and the latest offering from the Victoria & Albert museum is no exception. This brilliant image fascinated us – we had to find out more about British Design 1948-2012, which has just opened at the V&A. 


This show basically celebrates all the cool ‘stuff’ that British designers have come up with since the Second World War. Things we don’t even think about, because we are just used to them being part of our history – everything from street signs to the infamous Vivienne Westwood/Malcom Maclaren Sex Pistols t-shirt, as worn by Johnny Rotten. Fashion, music, art and everyday objects have gone through the different movements in Britain; from 60s Swinging London, to 70s Punk, to the Cool Britannia spirit of the 90s.


So much of British design has been influenced by tradition versus revolution, subversion and innovation – which has led to the creation of iconic products and images. Definitely an exhibition to check out; it runs from now until 12th August 2012 at the V&A museum so get down there and let us know what you think! We know what we're doing on Sunday afternoon…