Maybe it's just the time of year, or all the sugary pastel shades in store, but for whatever reason, we have suddenly become obsessed with everything prom! It's the look of the moment – we can't get enough sequins, shimmer and OTT glitter. We've come over all Mean Girls, and now all we can think about is watching our favourite teen movies, planning our fantasy prom outfits and of course, casting that all-important vote for Prom Queen.

For all of you over in New York, we're hosting  The Ultimate Prom Party at our store on Broadway and Broome next Wednesday night. Senior Fashion Market Editor of Teen Vogue, Mary Kate Steinmiller, is going to be on hand to talk prom styling, plus there will be Topshop treats, mini makeovers and so much more to help you get in the prom spirit! For more information, just check out our Facebook event – we can hardly wait.

Our resident DJ for our Ultimate Prom Party will be stylish girl-about-town Harley Viera Newton. So in honour of the occasion we asked her to talk to us all about the magic of prom night.


Hi Harley – please introduce yourself to Inside-out!

Hey, I'm Harley Viera-Newton and I'm a DJ!

When you were growing up, what did your fantasy prom dress look like?

Most prom dresses in our favorite old movies were unfortunately quite hideous… so I think we just wanted to stay far away from the classic 80s prom look.

Then what did your real prom dress turn out to be?

I ended up buying a cream vintage lace top and skirt set and wore them together as a dress.

What's your greatest prom memory?

We went to prom as a huge group of friends, about 20 of us, so it was definitely one to remember. We found an amazing old rusty school bus that had been renovated and turned into a party bus, and that was our transportation for the night. [Topshop: that sounds like so much fun!]

If you could go to your prom again, would you change anything about your outfit?

I actually still love the skirt and top I wore, but I hated the shoes! They were far too high and made the whole outfit look way too serious.

Any prom disasters, Never Been Kissed style?

It actually went pretty smoothly! One of my best friends got her hair and make-up done and hated it so much that she took a shower immediately after and just went to prom with wet hair.

Who's your dream prom date?

Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch)

Do you have a favourite prom moment from a movie?

The dance in the prom scene in She's All That.

What would be the best song to get people on the dancefloor at a prom in 2012?

Probably a classic like Prince's Kiss.

What is your ultimate slow-dance, before-the-lights-come-on prom song?

The Five Keys – Close Your Eyes.

See what we're loving for prom with our styling feature over on! And if you're from the US, make sure you enter our competition to win a warrdobe of dream dresses worth $1000.