Way back when Lady Gaga was just a twinkle in Nicola Formichetti’s eye, there was another pop frontwoman wearing c.r.a.z.y. outfits and going wild on stage. Step forward, Karen O: style maverick, vocal sensation and all-round indie goddess. As leader of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Karen has been dazzling us for over a decade (if you haven’t already, download their three amazing albums Fever to Tell, Show Your Bones and It’s Blitz).


In a slight diversion from usual band duties, Karen secretly wrote an album of songs in 2005, which have now been transformed into an opera with the help of her YYY guitarist pal Nick Zinner. Production designer K.K. Barrett, who worked on some of our favourite Sofia Coppola movies (Marie Antoinette, to name just one) helped Karen to bring the story to life and ‘psycho opera’ Stop the Virgens was born.


We’ve got no doubt the music will be sensational – if a little bit nuts – but what’s more, Karen’s longtime costume designer Christian Joy has also dressed the cast. We are imagining neon, metallic, pom poms, lightning bolts…and lots of glitter. Considering Karen’s costumes have always been incredible, Stop The Virgens will be a visual treat for sure. She’s been seen on stage in all kinds of playsuits, leggings, out-there jackets and eccentric accessories.

For those lucky enough to be attending Vivid Live 2012 in May (in takes place in Sydney Opera House) Karen O will stage the opera as part of the festivities. Who knows when it will next be performed? The spontaneity is all part of the Karen O charm. We’ll just keep our eyes peeled for the YouTube videos!