A little birdie tells us that the sun is due to arrive in London this week! After weeks of truly miserable weather, we can't wait to get out and about in the city making the most of the sunshine. Everyone knows one of the best ways to see London is by bicycle, so we've been dreaming about where we could go on our favourite two-wheeled method of transport.


We would hop on our gorgeous aqua Bobbin Birdie (apparently it's the bike Florence Welch can be seen riding round town on) wearing a summer dress and cats eye sunglasses, before heading off to one of these lovely locations…


Richmond Park – this huge expanse of beautiful green countryside is the ideal place to relax on a summer's day. We'll be packing a picnic and catching some rays in our favourite cut off shorts and sandals, while trying to spot the deer that live in the 900 acres of parkland.


Staying in central London, the Southbank is great for cycling along and people-watching at the same time. When we are riding our bikes in town it helps to keep our outfit pretty but practical – jeans are essential plus a cute backpack is the easiest and coolest bike accessory.


Victoria Park is often used to stage big concerts, but we prefer it just before twilight when and it's nice and quiet. A cropped cardigan will keep the evening chill at bay as we cycle into the sunset! Now all we need is a classic Bobbin or Raleigh model (complete with wicker basket, of course) and a cycling buddy to fulfil our bicycle dreams. Here comes the sun – we hope!