If there are two things we love and adore here at Topshop, it's food and movies! So you can imagine our excitement when we heard about a special event where we get to combine the two…


The gorgeously old-fashioned Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, West London is putting on a special multi-sensory movie experience, in which you get to watch a great film while also enjoying some tasty treats. The strange and magical movie Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro is getting the 'edible cinema' treatment.

Visitors to the Electric Cinema will get to see the film in a whole new way – there are cocktails inspired by the story, then each movie-goer will get numbered packages to eat at specific moments in the story. Superchef/food scientist Heston Blumenthal first tried this on one of his shows; the idea is to make you feel like you're almost inside the movie itself by eating and smelling things that match up to the events on screen. We've heard rumours about pine-flavoured popcorn and carbonated grapes – forget Malteasers, the food at this one-off screening sounds way more exciting! 

Tickets for the special screening on Sunday 13th May go on sale today – you can buy them here.

Here at Topshop we're just deciding what other movies we'd like to enjoy with special snacks – any suggestions?