Lots of us here at Topshop HQ enjoy a trip to the latest art exhibitions opening in London. We can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than getting inspired by a fantastic retrospective or a show by an exciting new artist. So we were intrigued by the newest exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, entitled Invisible: Art of the Unseen 1952-2012. An exhibition of art that you can't see? Interesting…

Thankfully, this show isn't just an empty room of 'imaginary' paintings, otherwise we might feel a little bit cheated. It's actually a collection of conceptual art pieces that are all about using a few visual or audio 'suggestions' and the viewer's imagination to create an experience. Every piece of work (created by artists over the past half century) links back to the idea of what's unseen, rather than seen.

For example, visitors walk into a pitch black room called The Ghost of James Lee Byars and the combination of the darkness and the idea of a haunting makes a lot of people freak out! Another artist, Lai Chih-Sheng, has created an invisible drawing by tracing all the lines along the floor tiles, wall corners and light fittings. It's a crazy idea, but one that feels oddly inspiring.


It's enjoyable to be left to use your imagination to create your own ideas about art. It means everyone will be getting a unique experience – this is definitely not your average art show! Although we do have one question. What on earth can you buy in the giftshop?

Invisible: Art of the Unseen 1952-2012 is on at the Hayward Gallery in London from 12th June to 6th August 2012.