Long before Florence Welch was on the scene, there was another flame-haired rock goddess. She might have been away for a little while, but boy, are we glad Shirley Manson is back. The lead singer of Garbage was always famed for her iconic, grunge style and nearly twenty years after she joined the band, Shirley is still a style icon – she’s got a lot of fans here at Topshop.


NYLON magazine recently made Shirley their cover star, in honour of Garbage releasing their new album Not Your Kind Of People. She told them that she “used to torture myself because I thought I wasn’t pretty enough, that I wasn’t young enough, I wasn’t this or that enough.” All of which is hard to believe looking at these pictures – this woman has amazing style and has always been innovative with her fashion looks.

Shirley Manson Nylon 03

Back in at the peak of Garbage’s success (we loved them for #1 Crush, from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, and songs like Stupid Girl) Shirley was queen of rock’n’roll cool. Never seen without her heavy black eyeliner and ruby red lips that clashed with her scarlet hair, she could make a shift dress or simple vest look unique.


It’s interesting to see how her style has changed – she might have moved on from the checked kilts to dresses by Marc Jacobs, but there is no change in the Manson attitude. Shirley rules!