Imagine a film that captures the smile of every single human being in the world… Does it sound like an impossible feat? Perhaps, but then again, nothing is beyond the realms of possibility for the brain-child of these famous words:

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, A dream you dream together is a reality" – Yoko Ono


Oh Yoko, let us count the ways you inspire us!

Artist, film-maker, poet, musician, writer, performance artist and peace activist for over five decades, there seems to be no end to Yoko's talents and now she has her sights set on bringing the entire globe together with a simple smile…


So how do we get involved? It's easy! Simply snap your widest grin, upload the image to Instagram or Twitter and make sure you add the hash-tag #smilesfilm. Or if you're in London, take a trip to the Serpentine Gallery where there are currently two photo booths designed especially to record your smiles for the cause.

The images will then be collated and exhibited on a screen within the gallery as part of Yoko's To The Light Exhibition, which runs within the London 2012 Festival until the 9th September 2012 or you can also catch the presentation on Yoko's dedicated website,

And just in case it's unclear, here are the official instructions from the lady herself!


So go on, spread the word and smile, smile, SMILE!

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