We have just returned from watching the Meadham Kirchhoff Jubilee Spectacular at Topshop Oxford Circus and all we can say is WOW.


There's a mash-up of Wannabe and God Save the Queen ringing in our ears and somehow we're covered in glitter – Meadham Kirchhoff essentially just exploded all over the store! So what exactly happened?

Preparations have been underway all day for this event – partly inspired by the incredible Meadham Kirchhoff SS12 show, the store was decked out in pastel balloons while usherettes wearing specially designed MK tees shimmied about giving out sweet treats to the waiting crowds.


Meanwhile backstage, a special troupe of dancers were donning silky babydoll gowns in shades of lilac, mint, buttercup yellow, baby blue and petal pink. Special frou-frou wigs in clashing pastel shades, glittery deelyboppers, heaps of diamante jewels, elbow-length gloves and sparkling dancing shoes completed the typically OTT look!


The girls had their faces adorned with a veritable paintbox of colours and they were all given a finishing swirl of glitter spray – if there is one thing the Meadham boys love, it's some sparkle!


By 5pm, a huge crowd had gathered both inside and outside the store, waiting for the glimmering gold curtain to rise for the big reveal! Suddenly, the sound of the Spice Girls blasted out and the dancing girls tumbled down the escalators before bursting into a full-on rave on the shop floor. Designers Edward Meadham and Ben Kirchhoff looked on (both wearing glitter, of course) as the girls went wild.


For the grand finale, the gold curtain in the window dropped to reveal a stunning Britannia and her gang of beautiful burlesque girls – except instead of the traditional red, white and blues, they were all wearing the Meadham super pastels! The Jubilee burlesque girls all waved feather fans as Britannia rotated atop a glittering cake and the crowd went wild. An explosion of confetti signalled the end of proceedings and kick started the Diamond Jubilee weekend with a bang! 


If you missed any of the action, don't worry – you can see it all again on