What happens when three sisters grow up playing in their family's classic rock band but secretly love listening to TLC? Haim happens – for which we are very thankful. Daniele, Alana and Este Haim are a musical bundle of big personalities and quite frankly, more musical talent between them than is fair for one household. They have been making music together since they were small, and still write songs and rehearse in their home studio (which is actually their living room.)

So what makes Haim so special? They went down a storm at South x Southwest and there has been a lot of hype around them since. We think it's the way they mix old-school Americana – think Fleetwood Mac, Patti Smith, then maybe a bit more Fleetwood Mac – with their R&B influences like TLC, En Vogue and Aaliyah (all Topshop favourites). It's the best of the 70s meets the best of the 90s, with a very 2012 attitude. It's hard not to love their infectious stage banter and cheeky charm; having performed a lot in the UK recently, they love a party and our 'cute English boys!'


It's no surprise that Haim also have great style – they've got their own take on California cool. Under their three long, laidback hairstyles, they have a way with a vintage tee, distressed denim and each of the girls has great taste in sunglasses! We like their relaxed look, it's a mish-mash of summer dresses and tomboy chic, stylish but also ideal for being on the road, which will no doubt be their life for the forseeable future as they tour the world.

We can't stop playing their new EP 'Forever' at Topshop HQ, which is available to download for free from their website, and can't wait to hear a full album from the Haim sisters.