Allow us to introduce you to one of our favourite out-of-London haunts…


Quite simply the most beautiful picture house we have ever set our Topshop-clad feet in, the Rex Cinema in leafy Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire is every movie buff’s paradise.

Dating back to the 1930s, the single screen exudes old-Hollywood style, projecting films under an art deco-inspired proscenium arch so incredible, that even Dame Judie Dench has described the venue as “awe-inspiring”. Here, visitors can choose between a candle-lit table experience in the stalls or the more traditional (but unbelievably spacious) rowed seating of the circle – either way the plush red-velvet armchairs are so comfortable you might actually be forgiven for falling asleep mid film.


Originally opened in 1938 with old-time classic, ‘Heidi’ starring Shirley Temple (just look at those curls!), The Rex went on to become a two-screen venue with an additional bingo hall to boot. However, the competition from emerging multiplexes meant the cinema was forced to close in 1988, becoming a derelict site just waiting to be rescued…


It’s saviour came in 2004 thanks to local businessman James Hannaway and now, almost 10 years into its new lease of life, the venue sells out almost every night – an unsurprising feat, considering its unparalleled reviews and cult clientele that can be seen queuing for miles each month just to be sure to get their hands on tickets.


Trust us, one visit to The Rex and you’ll just keep coming back for more – not just for the amazing choice of films, but for the niche aspect of having crisps and pick’n’mix in bowls, coffee in a china cup (with an all-important free biscuit thrown in) and the chance to completely lose yourself in what feels like a throwback to the Golden Age of cinema…