Editor by day, vox and keys extraordinaire for indie band The Pains of Being Pure at Heart by night – Peggy Wang has made our heads turn.


The pint-sized New Yorker will be guest DJing at our NY pool party tomorrow (check out the Facebook event if you haven’t already – it’s guaranteed to be amazing, even if we do say so ourselves!) so we thought now was the perfect time for a little introduction…


Hi Peggy, can you introduce yourself? Who are you and what do you do?

I play in a band called The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and I’m an Editor at I’m too lazy to do much more than that!

Where does the name of your band “The Pains of Being Pure at Heart” come from?

It’s the name of a short story that a friend of my band mate Kip wrote years and years ago.

Have you ever played at a pool party?

We did once – it was a BBQ at Coachella. We’ve also played on numerous boats, in a tool-shed, on the beach and once in Spain, we played in a cider factory. The walls were just these huge barrels of really expensive cider that dated back to the 1800s or something.

What excited you about playing at a Topshop pool party?

I was so psyched when Topshop came to America as I was already pretty obsessed with the website. I felt like Topshop was one of the only places I knew to buy high-waisted stuff back then, not to mention the only place you could get avant-garde silhouettes without spending a ton of money. The lookbooks are so inspiring and well styled. At the moment, I’m into the pleated silk-cuffed jogger pants, as well as anything in the Unique Hieroglyphic print.

How would you describe your style? How has it evolved?

I used to put more effort into my appearance but since we started touring all the time, I’m much more obsessed with comfort. I love pieces that are unflattering in theory but actually look good on. I’ve shied away from feminine, tight clothing and now I like everything baggy. But who knows, I am super fickle when it comes to clothing. A certain style will seem really appealing and then totally tacky a month later.

Who’s your style icon?

Denise Huxtable.

What’s your typical gig outfit?

A comfortable dress (like one I can eat dinner in), tights and chunky shoes.

What’s your funniest/ most awkward gig moment?

We were in Australia and it was our guitarist Christoph’s birthday. So on stage during a set break, I yelled into the mic, “Happy birthday Anton!!” Anton is his twin brother’s name. It was such an odd faux pas to make – my bandmates just stood there like, WTF. But in my defense, it WAS technically Anton’s birthday.

What’s the best and worst thing about being the only lady in a band with 3 guys?

I feel pretty comfortable around them at this point; they’re like girls to me. But the worst thing is that they never want to go to the mall when it’s sometimes the only fun thing to do in a city!

As you work at Buzzfeed too, can you tell us about the next big buzzes that are about to hit the web.

I haven’t been on the internet in like a week and a half because we’re in Scandinavia right now. I guess healthcare and TomKat are the big issues right now, but by the time you read this, it’ll probably seem like old news! Also, dogs are the new cats, anteaters are the new sloths and alpacas are the new lemurs.

Who do you look up to professionally?

Kelly Cutrone is cool, I like her work ethic. Lena Dunham. I also like Leandra Medine’s blog, Man Repeller… It’s really hard to write about fashion and be funny.

Which shops would you recommend for us to visit in New York? And where should we go and eat?

For new clothes, Reformation is awesome and just a beautiful store. For vintage stuff, I like Metropolis. I could go on and on about places you should eat in New York. Vegetarian stuffed cabbage from Veselka, arepas from Caracas, happy hour oysters from Mermaid Inn and anything from Mooncake Foods but especially the spicy green sauce that you have to specially ask for.

Peggy Live Shot  Getty

And finally, can you recommend us 5 songs to put on our playlist for this summer?

1. “Unless You Speak From Your Heart” by Porcelain Raft

2. “Begging Me” by Florrie

3. “Boys of Paradise” by Unicorn Kid

4. “Some Boys” by Dom

5. “All Our Dreams Are Coming True” by Gene Page

DON’T FORGET: Peggy will be DJing live and in person at our pool party tomorrow 5th July at the Thompson LES from 6-10pm! Join our Facebook event for more info and don’t forget, if you check in at ”Topshop Topman Summer Series at The Thompson LES’ on Foursquare from 6-10pm you’ll win a cute summer gift.