Picture this: les rues pavées de Paris, cobbled and quaint, lit up by the twinkling lights of the distant Eiffel Tower. There’s a peaceful hush of tranquility in the air, filled only by the thudding of your heart as it trembles in youthful anticipation…

Turning the corner of the street, your mother leads you hand-in-hand to the most beautiful shop your young eyes could possibly imagine. Painted a delicious pistachio green, a rainbow of petite delicacies line the windows: your destination? Paradise, a.k.a. the infamous maison du macaronLadurée.


Believe it or not, 2012 marks 150 years for Ladurée and to commemorate the milestone, the French house is celebrating each month with a limited edition creation to tickle our taste buds. July is the turn of ‘Le Butterfly’- “a poppy cream mousse and melt-in-your-mouth yuzu and wild-mara heart between a pair of dazzling strawberry macaroon shells.” (We have absolutely no idea what this means exactly, but ‘mon dieu’ it sounds and looks amazing!)


With that in mind, we’ve decided to put the expression, “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” to the test and if it happens to be true… as the French say, “tant pis” (never mind)! We’re simply following the orders of Marie Antoinette.


So monsieur macaron, we’ll have ‘Le Butterfly’, s'il vous plait, followed by a selection of your delicious seasonal macaroons in iced mint, green apple, strawberry poppy, Ghana chocolate, orange blossom and lime basil… On second thoughts, make that two of each.


With stores worldwide in Paris, London, New York, Dubai and beyond, we can all get a slice of the action or cake in this case! Oh and if you just so happen to be yachting your way around Saint Tropez this summer (aren’t we all?!), Ladurée has just opened a new store there too.  

Parfait, non?