Here’s a mantra for life – “Hope is contagious, pass it on…”


We love a good cause here at Topshop HQ, but combine that with a great back-story, a dog named Bow Wow and a beautiful little bracelet designed to bring people together from all corners of the world and what you’re left with is something very special indeed.


Introducing ‘The Vagabond Adventurers‘, Lachlan McWilliam and Lucie Gait, a.k.a. co-founders of new charity, Band 4 Hope. Their story is an inspiring one; in fact, we’re going a little fuzzy inside at the thought of it… Rom-Coms eat your heart out because this is the real deal.


The couple first met in 2009 – discovered they had a mutual passion for adventure and on date five, they decided to hitch a plan to drive across Africa with the simple aim of spreading hope to communities through trade. (Yes, we’re in awe too).


Upon reaching Zimbabwe, the pair stumbled across a tribe who produced specially handcrafted copper and zinc bangles with supposed empowering properties – and it seems their apparent magic worked a treat as just days after wearing them, the idea for Band 4 Hope was born…

The next step? To engrave each bangle with a unique ID and sell them on… Once bought, customers are invited to wear their bands for a month, after which they can then pass them on to another hopeful someone and thus the chain of hope continues. And the best part? The bangle’s inevitable global journey can be tracked online as it makes its way from wrist to wrist, all thanks to the cleverly thought-out ID. With each purchase, 10% of the sale price goes towards your very own charity of choice and friends can also donate to that particular charity via the band.


Magic? Inspiring? A truly wonderful idea? Yes, we think so.

Go on, join the hope trail – you never know who it may connect you to!