We love Stella McCartney – in fact we’re a little obsessed here at Topshop HQ…


So you can only imagine our excitement when we heard that both Stella and the mighty Adidas had come together on a limited edition ‘My2012’ collection, designed to “project the energy of the Olympic year and inspire young women to engage in sports.”

Safe to say, our sporting fever has now skyrocketed! We’re joining tennis clubs, running to the office, hitting the gym; we’re even giving Prince Wills a run for his money on the Polo field (ok the last one may be a slight fib but you get the picture).


Forget the LBD, Stella has spoken – this summer it’s all about the GMSD (grey marl sweat dress). From bright and enigmatic running tanks and sunshine-yellow track shorts to graphic hoodies and water-resistant jackets, it’s time to get in the team spirit and hit the ground running, literally!

So keep your peepers peeled and muscles flexed as the ‘My2012’ collection will be coming to, Stratford and our Oxford Circus London Flagship very soon…

Until then, we’ll see you on the track!